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To expose people of all generations to the ultimate American Sports Car, the Chevrolet Corvette.  We accomplish this by educating members and the public on all generations of the Corvette and its progression and development while furthering the enjoyment of the car.  Congregating at events with our cars and people who believe in a "Corvette way of life" no matter what age the person or generation of the car is our ultimate goal. 

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Please feel free to browse the site and enjoy the pictures, articles and stories within. We are a proud group of Corvette owners of many different model years. Our ages span as many years as the Corvette itself and here lies the origin of our club name. We are a club that firmly believes in family values, strong friendships, good times and having fun, so much so that it is in our by laws!


This club was formed in early 2008 as a non-profit charitable and social club.  Our intention is that it grows to give us the chance to meet new people and build new friendships all centered on the cars we love.  If you are a Corvette enthusiast and are interested in joining us or have questions about what we do, please feel free to contact any one of our board members.  Thank you for stopping by our website, enjoy your visit here, and please come back soon.  Join us on Facebook(click here).

Generations Corvette Club of the Carolinas
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Please note:  The Corvette name is a copyrighted trademark of the Chevrolet Motor Division and General Motors.  This website is operated independently as a source of information and reference for Corvette owners and enthusiasts.  Any use of the Corvette name or logos is not intended or implied for sales or profit.  Neither General Motors or Chevrolet Motor Division shall bear any responsibility for the content of this website. 

Corvettes are not just a car but a way of life for many.  Remember to drive responsibly and carefully and enjoy your Corvette no matter what generation you own, and please always remember to Save the Wave!

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