Generations Corvette Club 
Monthly Business Meeting
May 19, 2018

Meeting called to order by Carlos Arosemena at 5:22pm at O’Charley’s, Rock Hill, SC.

Officers present: Carlos Arosemena, Joan Hauck, Vicky Wellik, David Pratt, and Greg Tilley.  Officers not present: Jim Stahl and Larry Coley

Last month's meeting minutes were approved with no changes.

Officer reports:

Joan Hauck, Vice-President of Membership:  Ron Ruggiero is eligible for a membership vote tonight.  Joan introduced Ron, and then he was unanimously voted into membership.  Greg Tilley will explain dues and ID badge to Ron later tonight.

Carlos Arosemena, Vice-President of Automotive:
-   Carlos is handling tonight’s meeting because Jim Stahl is out of town at his son’s graduation from Fordham University.
-   Carlos told the group that Jeff and Vickie Whitten had planned to attend tonight’s meeting, but Jeff’s mom had to go to the hospital.  Greg Tilley will send a get-well card from the club.
-   Carlos reminded members to provide feedback on the content of our club’s website to Greg Tilley, not just photos.
-   Carlos also reminded everyone of the importance of RSVP’s for all club events to ensure adequate seating (e.g., for meetings) and make sure we don’t leave anyone behind (e.g., for road trip).

Greg Tilley, Treasurer:  The club has $1,769.44 in our checking account.

David Pratt, Public Relations:  David thanked everyone who participated at the customer appreciation day at Ben Mynatt Chevrolet (our corporate sponsor) on Saturday, May 5.  Cyndie Mynatt, dealership owner, sent an email to club officers expressing her gratitude for such a good showing by our members.  Greg Tilley summarized Cyndie’s comments on that event page of our website (see Caught on Camera).

Vicki Wellik, Events Coordinator:  Vicky quickly reviewed upcoming events (AutoBarn cruise-in, Myrtle Beach weekend, car care day, miniature golf, Mount Pleasant parade, and next meeting at Johnny Brusco’s in Concord).  Event information is available on our online events calendar.  Contact any officer for additional information.

Jim Stahl, President:  not present

Larry Coley, Officer at Large:  not present

Old Business:
Carlos Arosemena and Greg Tilley echoed David Pratt’s earlier statement about the Ben Mynatt Chevrolet customer appreciation day and the club’s strong participation.
Carlos briefly reviewed the recent vineyards road trip.

New Business:
-   Carlos Arosemena announced his plans to attend the Michelin Challenge at VIR in Danville, VA, on August 18.  Attending Corvette owners will be able to participate in the “Corvette corral” and meet the Corvette racing team drivers.  Carlos will send out additional information via email soon.
-   Greg Tilley stated that he just placed an order for 14 new windshield banners.  Six members have firm requests, three members are interested, and five banners will be held in inventory for future purchase by club members.
-   Greg also announced that he sent an email to Air Force officials at Seymour-Johnson AFB requesting the club be invited to participate in their airshow (USAF Thunderbirds) on Saturday, April 27, 2019.  It may be several months before Greg gets a reply, but he is very optimistic that the club will be invited for the seventh time.

Tom Keitzer motioned for the meeting to be closed and John Turner seconded, so the meeting adjourned at 5:45pm.

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