Generations Corvette Club 
Monthly Business Meeting
November 10, 2018

Meeting called to order at 4:04pm by Jim Stahl in the conference room of Ben Mynatt Chevrolet, Concord, NC.

Officers present: Jim Stahl, Carlos Arosemena, David Pratt, Vicky Wellik, Larry Coley, and Greg Tilley.  Joan Hauck was not present.

Last month's meeting minutes were approved with no changes.

Jim introduced Glenn Cauvin and Ruth Ann Hines, club members who live in Winterville, NC, and are usually unable to attend our meetings due to distance.  Jim also introduced Mike Blythe, an applicant for membership who has attended some of our events this year.

Greg Tilley proposed an amendment to the club bylaws in regard to the membership application and voting process.  The officers had already approved changes to simplify our membership process and speed the transition from applicant to member.  After several minutes of explanations and questions, Lanna Thomas seconded the motion and the bylaws amendment was approved unanimously by the members present.

Officer reports:

Joan Hauck, Vice-President of Membership: not present but her report presented by Greg Tilley
     -  Mike & Amanda Blythe, Brian & Kristine Roy, and Bill & Colleen Willis were voted in unanimously as new club members.
     -  Reminded all officers to tell Joan of event participation by prospective members so she can stay current on when applicants might become eligible for a membership vote.

Larry Coley, Officer at Large:  Announced that orders for club logo-embroidered clothing will be taken once a quarter instead of at each meeting.  The intent is to consolidate individual orders to increase buying quantities and raise priority of order fulfillment by our vendor.  Available merchandise can be viewed on the Generations Gear page of our website.

Greg Tilley, Treasurer:  The club has $1,906.24 in our checking account before tonight’s expenses.

David Pratt, Public Relations:  Still talking to a national restaurant that our club has used for club meetings.  He will provide an update when he reaches an agreement with restaurant management.

Carlos Arosemena, Vice President of Automotive:  no report

Vicki Wellik, Events Coordinator:
    -  Generations has been asked by Mount Pleasant, NC, to provide cars for their holiday parade on Saturday, December 1, at 11:00am.  Greg Tilley is still working with town officials to finalize the number of cars needed and will seek volunteers from the club soon.
    -  Streetside Classics will hold their annual toy drive for the benefit of Toys for Tots on Saturday, December 1 from noon to 3:00pm.  They will provide food and have raffle drawings for people donating new, unwrapped children toys.
    -  The club’s Christmas party will be on Saturday, December 15, at 5:00pm at the Afton Pub & Pizza in Concord.  This information is on our website (Hot Topics page) and online events calendar, and Greg Tilley has already emailed an event flyer to our members.  There will be random drawing for 10 gifts to adult members, and members are reminded to bring their club ID badges to use in the drawing process.  A voluntary gift exchange is also planned; Debi Pratt will send out information by email soon.
    -  Debi Pratt also suggested that the club “adopt” 1-2 families by donating clothing items in specific sizes.  She is getting more information from the project sponsor this week and will send out details to the club asking for volunteers to participate.  Donations can be handed over at our Christmas party or by delivered them to the home of David Pratt or Jim Stahl, if not attending our Christmas party.
    -  Ben Mynatt Chevrolet will hold their annual community breakfast on December 24 from 8:00am to about noon.  Greg Tilley will provide more information soon.  In the past, club members have volunteered to help set up tables & chairs, clean tables, and refill supplies.

Jim Stahl, President:
    -  Jim thanked the current officers for their support of the club this year and looks forward to helping the new officers.
    -  Jim also said that Debi Pratt is still searching for a better group texting application for use in communication among club members.

The meeting was paused at 4:35pm so we could have dinner (pizzas from Amici’s down the road).  The meeting was resumed at 4:55pm.

Old Business:
    Greg Tilley explained the club’s support of the wounded warriors of the 82nd Airborne, recuperating at Walter Reed National Military Hospital.  Greg cited how this came about through Jonathan Grundy (lifetime club member) and what types of things the club donates to these troops.

New Business:

    -  The 2019 officers election was held.  Since there were no positions with more than one candidate, the entire slate of candidates was voted on at once.  Here are your new officers:  President – David Pratt; VP of Membership – Joan Hauck; VP of Automotive – John Turner; Treasurer – Greg Tilley; Secretary – Margy Kessel; and, Events Coordinator – Debi Pratt.  No candidates for Public Relations or Officer at Large.  Duties of those positions will be distributed among the other officers.
    -  Greg Tilley motioned that Larry Coley be voted as an honorary club member as of January 1, 2019.  Due to Larry’s many back surgeries, he is unable to climb in and out of his Corvette for over year while he recuperates and, based on his doctor’s suggestion, Larry sold his Corvette.  Since our club bylaws require ownership of a Corvette to become/remain a club member, he was nominated as an honorary member starting next year because of his service to the club as Officer at Large and “picnic cook” for the last 2 years.  Glenn Cauvin seconded the motion, and the motion was approved unanimously by the members present.
    -  The club will move up next year’s annual picnic from October to September in order to increase the chance for better weather for this event.  Tentative dates in September are the 21st or 28th, depending on availability of Smith Farm.  Larry Coley will lock in our reservation, and the date posted on our events calendar.
    -  Glenn Cauvin announced that the next Caravan to the Corvette Museum will be August 28-31, 2019, and his other club (Twin Rivers Corvette Club) is going.  He said hotel availability is already shrinking, so anyone who wants to go should register soon.  Greg Tilley will send out a club-wide email providing URL links for caravan registration and hotel reservations.  Participants from Corvette clubs in Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina are rallying at Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet in Newton, NC, on August 26 and then heading to Bowling Green, KY.

Debi Pratt motioned for the meeting to be closed and Carlos Arosemena seconded, so the meeting adjourned at 5:10pm.

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