Generations Corvette Club 
Monthly Business Meeting
January 27, 2018

Meeting called to order by Jim Stahl at 6:00PM at the Towne Tavern at Fort Mill.

Officers present: Jim Stahl, Vicky Wellik, Greg Tilley, Larry Coley, Carlos Arosemena, and David Pratt.

Last month's meeting minutes were approved with no changes.

Officer reports:

Jim Stahl, President:
  -  Jim handed out tire discount coupons he received from Discount Tire in Concord.  Jim also said that if anyone picks up business cards from related businesses, we would put them on our website.
  -  Jim suggested we invite club sponsors to the anniversary meeting in February.  Greg Tilley will handle that.
  -  Jim said he would like to arrange a game night for interested members to get together to have some fun.

Greg Tilley, Treasurer:
   -  Stated $1407.36 in checking account not including the dues collected this evening.
  -  Reminded everyone that we need new photos of our cars for the website once the weather is nicer.
  -  Car care day is on Saturday, February 10, 8am-noon at MBV European (address on calendar and Hot Topics pages).  Optional lunch afterward.

Joan Hauck, VP of Membership:  not present (Greg Tilley reported in her absence)
  -  Joan is looking into ordering new member bags with the club logo on them and upgrading the “stuff” we put inside as welcome gifts.
  -  Former members Mike/Lisa Adams have sold their Corvettes, so they have resigned from the club.  Applicant Matt Rossi sold his Corvette, so he is no longer eligible to be a member.

David Pratt, Public Relations: no report

Carlos Arosemena, VP of Automotive:
  -  K-1 Go-Cart racing in Concord on February 17 – six people have signed up so far.
  -  Auto Fair is April 7-8.  (Jim is bringing cake for his birthday on the 7th!)   Greg Tilley will send new event flyer file to Carlos.

Vicky Wellik, Events Coordinator:
  -  The St. Patrick’s Day parade in Charlotte will be the morning of Saturday, March 17.  We plan on having lunch at City BBQ in Matthews afterwards (info on Hot Topics page).  The Baxter Village parade is the same day in the afternoon.  Those driving in both parades talked about meeting somewhere in Charlotte to hang out between parades.
  -  At the February 24 meeting, we will be celebrating the club’s 10th anniversary at the Auto Barn in Concord.  The club will be providing the main course, with members bringing pot luck sides and desserts.  More information will be sent via email.
  -  We are making plans to go to a winery in May and the Myrtle Beach Corvette show June 1-2.  Larry Coley has arranged for us to stay at the same hotel as last year for $80/night.

Larry Coley, Officer at Large:
  -  Larry said he is checking into Stitch 98 in Concord to order embroidered shirts, caps, and jackets, possibly on a monthly basis as requested.
  -  Larry announced that Bernie Smith, the owner of Smith Lake where we had our fall picnic, passed away so he sent a condolence card to his family on behalf of the club.

Old Business:

New Business:
None (new topics covered in officers reports)

Larry Coley motioned for the meeting to adjourn and Tom Keitzer seconded, so the meeting adjourned at 6:30PM.

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