Generations Corvette Club 
Monthly Business Meeting
September 29, 2018

Meeting called to order by Jim Stahl at 5:07pm at Milano’s Restaurant, Gastonia, NC.

Officers present: Jim Stahl, Joan Hauck, David Pratt, and Greg Tilley.  Officers not present: Carlos Arosemena, Vicky Wellik, and Larry Coley.

Last month's meeting minutes were approved with no changes.

Officer reports:
Jim Stahl, President:
Officer nominations for board positions for 2019 remain open until the end of our October meeting.  Elections will be during our November meeting.

Greg Tilley, Treasurer:
The club has $2,340.82 in our checking account.  Deposited a check earlier this month from Morrison Motor Company, a new corporate sponsor for our club.

Joan Hauck, Vice-President of Membership:  no report

Carlos Arosemena, Vice-President of Automotive:  not present

Vicki Wellik, Events Coordinator:  not present, but report given by Jim Stahl
-   Discussed change to event notification process.  Initial email notifications will continue, but we will send a group text notification shortly before scheduled events.  The goal is to increase event participation with the use of text messages since more people are using texts versus email.  Greg Tilley will send board members an updated club roster with cell phone numbers.
-   Foothills Corvette Club is holding their annual Run to the Colors scenic drive on Sunday, October 14.  Event information is on the Hot Topics page of our website and our online events calendar.  Members interested in participating should notify Jim Stahl so he can select a common rally point for our group.
-   Our next meeting on Saturday, October 20 is our annual picnic.  The club is buying the food, so members will only need to bring their own drinks.  We need members’ RSVPs right away so we know how much food to buy.  Last year we ran a little short on food because some members showed up without an RSVP.  Event information is on the Hot Topics page of our website and on our online events calendar.  Children are welcome at this event.
-   The NHRA Championship will be held at the Zmax Dragway near the Charlotte Speedway during October 12-14.  So far, no club members have stepped up to organize club attendance.  This mention in the meeting minutes is for information only.
-   Our annual officer elections will be on Saturday, November 10 at Ben Mynatt Chevrolet in Concord.  The club will buy pizzas and drinks for the meeting.
-   The club’s Christmas party is tentatively planned for the Union Street Bistro in Concord for Saturday, December 15.  Updated information will be provided as we firm up this plan.

Larry Coley, Officer at Large:  not present

David Pratt, Public Relations:
David is trying to get another new corporate sponsor; this time a national restaurant that our club has used for club meetings.  He will provide an update if he reaches agreement with the restaurant management.

Old Business:
-   Steve Miller asked about feedback from members participating in the recent Auto Fair.  He wanted to know if our slots on the Speedway concourse was viewed as a positive or negative compared to past slotting on the infield track.  Jim Stahl said spectator traffic was strong due to the new location on the concourse.  Relief from the sun on Sunday was also a good thing.  No one mentioned any negative aspects.
-   Greg Tilley briefly reviewed the scenic drive and tour of Charlie O’s Corvettes in Clemmons, NC.  Charlie Oliver was a very good host, and the club attendees seemed to enjoy looking at Charlie’s collection of Corvettes, other vehicles, automotive signage, and tons of Corvette knickknacks.

New Business:  none
Joan Hauck motioned for the meeting to be closed and Sandy Ray seconded, so the meeting adjourned at 5:21pm.

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