Generations Corvette Club
Monthly Business Meeting

December 19, 2021

Meeting was called to order at 5:05pm by Greg Tilley at Sun City Lodge, Indian Land, SC.

Officers Present:  Greg Tilley (Treasurer) and Diana & Larry Fritts and Don Griffith & Beth Schwenzfeier (co-Events Coordinators).

Officers Not Present:
Markus Bersinger (President)
Joan Hauck (VP of Membership)
Jeff Kessel (VP of Automotive)
Margy Kessel (Secretary)

November’s meeting minutes were approved with no changes.

Officer Reports:

Greg Tilley – Treasurer:

-   In Markus’ absence, Greg welcomed everyone to our club meeting and Christmas party at Sun City Lodge.

-   No new guests at December’s meeting.

-   The club has $3,781.73 in our bank account; included in that total is $152.31 for our charity fund.

-   Greg also encouraged everyone to send in new car photos for the showroom page.

-   Don Griffith bought his “new to him” 2014 C7; picture will be on the web page next week.

-   Jeff Whitten bought new 2019 C7; it should be delivered Mondays

Marcus Bersinger (President):  no report

Joan Hauck (Vice President of Membership):  no report

Jeff Kessel (VP of Automotive):  no report

Margy Kessel (Secretary):  no report

Don Griffith & Beth Schwenzfeier and Larry & Diana Fritts (co-Events Coordinators):

-   Beth said tentative events are updated on the website and online events calendar.  We have dinner and meeting on January 29 at O’Charley’s in Rock Hill, SC.

-   Ben Mynatt Chevrolet canceled their annual community breakfast on Christmas Eve day due to concerns about COVID infection rates.  Cyndie Mynatt told Greg Tilley that the funds the dealership budgeted for this event will be donated to several local charities.  We need to try our best to help support Ben Mynatt Chevrolet in the upcoming year as much as we can.

Old Business:

-   Mount Pleasant parade was a success, and the coordinators appreciated our services.  Our Corvettes carried 6 town pageant queens and one high school queen.   Jeff Whitten, Greg Tilley, Paul Prestis, Larry and Diana Fritts, Ken Erdel, Clarence Ray, and Carlos Arosemena participated.

-   David Pratt announced there will be no Baxter Village parade for Christmas this year.

-   As approved by the club at a previous meeting, Marcus Bersinger sent a $50 gift card to Larry Coley in appreciation for his cooking for us during our annual picnic.

New Business:

-   Greg Tilley reminded everyone of the St. Patrick parade in downtown Charlotte in March.  Date to be announced.

-   Beth Schwenzfeier asked for opinions on how we are going to raise money for charities.  A 50/50 raffle was suggested to help raise money.  Greg Tilley gave Beth a roll of 2-part tickets for the 50/50 raffle for future meetings.

-   David Pratt made a suggestion for fundraiser at O’Charley’s for a pancake breakfast.  Also working on getting them to renew their sponsorship.

-   Club membership dues are due starting January 1, 2022; the dues amount remains unchanged at $60 per couple.  Checks are payable to Generations Corvette Club and should be mailed to PO Box 1181, Harrisburg, NC 28075-1181.  The names of members whose dues are received by January 31 will go into a drawing for a $25 gift card at our February meeting and 14th anniversary.  Greg Tilley will email the dues “invoice” to all members before the end of December.

-   Greg Tilley advised that he will continue as webmaster until November 2022.  Greg Gervasio has already volunteered take over as our new webmaster then.  Greg Gervasio has plenty of experience in this area as he manages the websites of two other organizations/clubs.

-   On behalf of the entire club, Greg Tilley thanked the outgoing officers (Markus Bersinger, Jeff Kessel, and Margy Kessel) for their leadership of our club for 2021.  Per club tradition, the new slate of officers takes over their positions at the conclusion of tonight’s meeting:  David Pratt - President; Larry Fritts – VP of Automotive; Beth Schwenzfeier – Treasurer; Diana Fritts – Events Coordinator; and, Thomas Foxx – Officer at Large.  Joan Hauck remains as VP of Membership.


Vicky Wellik motioned for the meeting to be closed and Deb Pratt seconded, so the final meeting of 2021 adjourned at 5:30pm.

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