Generations Corvette Club 
Monthly Business Meeting
July 28, 2018

Meeting called to order by Jim Stahl at 5:32pm at the Metro Diner in Matthews, NC.

Officers present: Jim Stahl, Carlos Arosemena, Joan Hauck, David Pratt, Larry Coley, and Greg Tilley.  Vicky Wellik was absent.

Last month's meeting minutes were approved with no changes.

There were no guests to introduce tonight.

Officer reports:

Greg Tilley, Treasurer:
   - Stated $1,568.81 in our checking account.  Our spending is within the 2018 budget, and we have sufficient funds to cover our annual picnic in October.
   - Jim Stahl asked members to suggest ideas for activities for our picnic on October 20 (cornhole toss, etc).
   - We sold one windshield banner, one can koozie, and five bottle koozies during the meeting.  Now that Larry Coley is starting to recover from his back surgery, he took possession of our remaining stock of windshield banners ($22), can koozies ($3), and bottle koozies ($4).  Members interested in buying any of these items should contact Larry at

Joan Hauck, Vice President-Membership:  Joan asked to be notified of any RSVP’s to future meeting by applicants so she can be prepared for potential membership votes and to bring new member bags.  During discussion, we expanded this notification to be sent to all club officers to include everyone who sent an RSVP.  Attendance notification would be sent by the officer who volunteered to handle that month’s meeting.

David Pratt, Public Relations:
   - No progress on his previous discussions with potential new club sponsors.  However, Larry Coley mentioned he recently spoke with Jimmy Morrison (Morrison Motors).  Mr Morrison expressed an interest in making a sponsorship donation to our club and extended an invitation to give our club a tour of his car museum.  Larry will follow up on both topics and report back to the board.

Carlos Arosemena, Vice President of Automotive:
   - The next Auto Fair is on September 8-9.  Our car quota is again 15 vehicles, and we have 13 cars signed up for Saturday and 8 cars for Sunday.  Carlos will contact Ben Mynatt Chevrolet to offer one of our slots (both days) to show off one of their Corvettes for sale.
   - Due to a recent change by the Speedway to charge $20 per car for car clubs to display on the infield, Generations signed up for a concourse parking area at no charge.  One benefit of this display area is being out of the sun and rain, unlike the infield.  Spectators will pass by our concourse area upon entering and leaving Auto Fair, so club visibility will be maintained.  We have gained 1-2 new member applications from each of the past three Auto Fairs, so continued participation by the club is important to our recruiting efforts.

Vicky Wellik, Events Coordinator:  not present, but subjects covered by Greg Tilley
   - Next monthly meeting will be on August 25 at O’Charleys in Rock Hill.  David Pratt agreed to handle reservation and RSVP’s for this event.
   - Game night at Jim & AnnMarie Stahl’s house will be on August 11, starting at 4pm.  Jim will send out email invitation and ask attendees to bring snacks or side dishes.  Jim’s pool is open for use by the club.
   - The parade for Matthews Alive will be on September 1.  Greg sent out an email invitation earlier this month, and six members have volunteered.  This event is a car club display; no riders on the back deck.  Other members are encouraged to participate; contact Greg asap at for information.  Rally point details will be sent out in mid-August.
   - Jim Stahl reviewed the recent bowling event and complimented David Pratt on his high score and joked with Thomas Foxx on his unique bowling style.

Larry Coley, Officer at Large:
   - After a slow start, Larry’s back is recovering nicely after surgery last month.  We’re glad he’s feeling better and can attend club events once again.
   - In addition to windshield banners and can & bottle koozies for sale (mentioned earlier), Larry showed off a windbreaker jacket (with club logo) for $39 (S-M-L), $41 (XL), $43 (XXL), or $45 (XXXL).  Jacket photo is on the “Generations gear” page of our website.

Jim Stahl, President:

   - Reminded members that new officer nominations will open at our August meeting and close at the end of our October meeting.  Elections will be held at our November meeting.  Jim emphasized that members should seriously consider running for office for next year.  He thinks it is important that club officers change every 2-3 years in order to get fresh blood and new ideas for the board.
   - Jim announced he would be stepping down from the board after holding the secretary position for 1 year and president for 2 years.  Greg Tilley announced he would also be stepping down from the board after 3 years as public relations and 7 years as treasurer.  Greg agreed to continue as our webmaster.

Old Business:   None.

New Business:  None.

Carlos Arosemena motioned for the meeting to be closed and Larry Coley seconded, so the meeting adjourned at 5:52pm.

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