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The Car Gets You Here....The People Keep You Here!

Generations Corvette Club
Monthly Business Meeting

April 24, 2021

Meeting called to order at 5:12pm by Markus Bersinger at Cabarrus Brewing Company, 329 McGill Avenue NW, Concord, NC.

Officers Present:  Markus Bersinger (President), Joan Hauck (VP of Membership), and Greg Tilley (Treasurer).  Jeff Kessel (VP of Automotive) and Margy Kessel (Secretary) were not present.

The approval of November’s meeting minutes was waived since that meeting was 5 months ago.

Officer Reports:

Markus Bersinger – President
-  Markus welcomed everyone to our first club meeting in 5 months and his first as president of the club.
-  Markus thanked Cabarrus Brewing for allowing us to use their facility.
-  The election for a new Events Coordinator will be handled in the New Business portion of our meeting.  Paul Prestis resigned at Events Coordinator due to high work demands.

Joan Hauck – Vice President of Membership
-  Due to the high level of noise at Cabarrus Brewing, Joan asked Markus Bersinger to introduce our guests.  Don Griffith and Beth Schwenzfeier recently submitted an application to join Generations; this is their first visit with the club.
-  We have also received membership applications from Michael & Annie Murff and Casey & Elizabeth Fite, who were not able to attend tonight.

Greg Tilley – Treasurer
The club has $4,161.89 in our bank account.  The Charity fund has $248.31 included in that total.  Greg reminded the members present that last year’s board voted to waive membership renewal dues for all current members for 2021.

Jeff Kessel – Vice President of Automotive
No report

Margy Kessel – Secretary
No report

Events Coordinator  (handled by Markus Bersinger)

Markus summarized the events coming in the upcoming 2 months.
-  Auto Barn Classic Cars postponed their rolling cruise-in and car show from April 24 (due to rain) to Saturday, May 22.  Event information is available on our online events calendar.
-  The Beachcombers Corvette Club and Rick Hendrick Chevrolet of Norfolk are hosting Vettes at Waterside District.  Corvettes will line the Waterside District riverfront promenade on Saturday, May 22, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Event information is available on our online events calendar.
-  Our next monthly meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 22 (location to be determined) because May 29 (last Saturday of the month) is during Memorial Day weekend.  We might shift this meeting to May 15 to avoid conflict with the Auto Barn car show and Vettes at Waterside District events.  An email will be sent out to members and applicants as soon as this decision is made and a location picked out.  [Update:  The board decided to shift our next meeting to May 15, for the reasons addressed above.]
-  Baxter Village (Fort Mill, SC) parades on May 29 and July 4.  Markus asked members to sign up for either or both parades.  Parade information is available on our online events calendar.
-  Charity car show on May 1 at Camp Wesley in Mooresville, NC.  Markus encouraged members to participate in this and other car shows as a way to give visibility to Generations and attract new members.



-   Greg Tilley reminded the group that two of our recurring events (weekend trip to Myrtle Beach, SC and annual picnic) are in the very early planning stages.  Greg will check with Larry Coley (who was supposed to be here tonight) if he can still get a discounted room rate from the Ocean Sands Resort (mid to late September) and use of his “estate” for our picnic (June or October).
-   Markus reminded the group of the resignation of Paul Prestis as Events Coordinator and that Gary Solesby was the only volunteer to assume this position.  According to the club’s bylaws, we must hold an election to formalize Gary’s selection to this position.  The vote of members present to elect Gary Solesby as Events Coordinator for the remainder of 2021 was unanimous.   He will use the email account GenerationsEvents1@gmail.com for club social business.  Markus thanked Gary for stepping up to this responsibility.  The Events Coordinator position is critical for the successful planning of monthly meetings and other social events.

Larry Fritts motioned for the meeting to be closed and Bryant Kearns seconded, so Markus adjourned the meeting at 5: 25pm.