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Generations Corvette Club
Monthly Business Meeting

November 14, 2020

Meeting called to order at 5:18pm by David Pratt at Mac’s Speed Shop, 142 East Johns Street, Matthews, NC.

Officers Present:  David Pratt (President), Debi Pratt (Events Coordinator) Greg Tilley (Treasurer), and Joan Hauck (VP of Membership).  Jeff Kessel (VP of Automotive) and Margy Kessel (Secretary) were not present.

October’s meeting minutes were approved with no changes.

Officer Reports:

David Pratt – President
-   David welcomed everyone to our club meeting and annual officers’ election.
-   David thanked Joan Hauck for making the reservation at Mac’s Speed Shop.
-   David reminded everyone of the holiday parade at Baxter Village in Fort Mill on Saturday, December 5 from 4pm to 5:30pm.  The parade lineup will start at 3pm, and he will send out a group email reconfirming the lineup location.
-   The 2021 officer election will be handled in the New Business portion of our meeting.

Greg Tilley – Treasurer
-   The club has $4,188.88 in our bank account.  The Charity fund has $248.31 included in that total.
-   As mentioned in last month’s meeting, the board voted to waive membership renewal dues for all current members for 2021.
-   The annual Corvette Angels toy drive hosted by Road Runner Vettes on Saturday, November 7 at the Carolina Place Mall was a big success.  Even though attendance was down from 250+ cars to about 100, the toy drive collected 1,450 children’s toys.

Joan Hauck – Vice President of Membership
Joan gave two new members bags to Greg Tilley for him to pass along to Michael Chase and Markus Bersinger & Michelle Le Rader at the next opportunity.

Debi Pratt – Events Coordinator
Debi summarized the events coming in the upcoming months.

-   The planned Nov 21 picnic/cookout at Pratt’s home in Catawba, SC; has been cancelled due to COVID concerns.
-   Dec 5:  holiday parade at Baxter Village in Fort Mill (4-5:30pm)
-   Dec 19:  Christmas party (5pm) at a location to be determined
-   Dec 24:  community breakfast at Ben Mynatt Chevrolet (8am-11am); event status unknown due to COVID; will send out update as soon as possible

All these events are being coordinated, and Debi will provide more dates and details in future emails.  Members can also check the GCC website for updates.


-   Jim Stahl volunteered to check on a location in Concord for our Christmas party (Dec 19, 5pm).  Jim will inform David Pratt on his efforts, and if unsuccessful, David will check with Mario’s Restaurant in Matthews as an alternate location.
-   Joan asked if the club would donate $50 to Echo Dogs White German Shepherd Rescue from our charity fund.  The members in attendance approved her charity request; Joan will pass the organization’s information to Greg Tilley for the check.
-   Debi Pratt asked if the club would donate the remaining balance of our charity fund to a needy family for Christmas.  The members in attendance approved her charity request.  David Pratt will send out a club-wide email asking for recipient family nominations.
-   David Pratt suggested that we return to O’Charley’s in Rock Hill for our January meeting since their sponsorship agreement is due to renew on February 1, 2021.
-   Greg Tilley offered to try to secure a reservation for our February anniversary party/meeting at Auto Barn Cars in Concord.
-   The 2021 officer election was held in a simplified manner since no more than one person volunteered for each position.  The members in attendance voted unanimously for the following:  President – Markus Bersinger; Vice President for Membership – Joan Hauck; Vice President for Automotive – Jeff Kessel; Secretary – Margy Kessel; Events Coordinator – Paul Prestis; and Treasurer – Greg Tilley.  The incumbent officers (David Pratt and Debi Pratt) will brief their replacements on roles and duties over the coming month.  The new officers will take over on January 1, 2021.

Diana Fritts motioned for the meeting to be closed and Thomas Foxx seconded, so the meeting adjourned at 5: 37pm.